3 Types of Mortgage Loans

Are you looking for a new home but confused about the mortgage loan and its types? If yes, then do not give up on your dream of purchasing a home just because of lack of the knowledge of mortgage loans. To make full use of your mortgage loan for building your dream of buying a house into a reality, always be sure of the various mortgage types available and tips towards a right approach. Below are the three basic and important kinds of mortgage loans:

1. Fixed rate mortgage loan

When you can borrow definite amount at a definite period of time for a fixed rate of interest, it is called fixed rate mortgage loan, thus as the name suggest in a fixed rate mortgage loan you get fixed interest rate for fixed time and amount. This type of mortgage loan is beneficial in planning and maintaining repayment strategies.

2. Adjustable rate mortgage loan

In an adjustable rate mortgage loan just as an in fixed mortgage loan, you get fixed amount for fixed period of time. What separates the latter from the previous is the unstable or fluctuating rate of interest. In an adjustable rate mortgage loan you get varying interest rate which can be beneficial due to its lower value at the beginning of the loan period.

3. Hybrid mortgage loan

The hybrid mortgage loan is a combination of previous mortgage loan types as in this you get a fixed interest rate at first few months of your loan and later you get the benefit of an adjustable loan interest. With this type of mortgage loan you can plan your repayment options as per your convenience.

The three types of mortgage loans are designed as per your convenience but also have a few downsides too. To choose the right one out of these three mortgage loans and to make full use of it, make sure you are clear about what you need or what can you afford.